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אמא שלי - My Mom

Lyrics to Arik Einstein's אמא שלי
("My Mom")
Translated to English from the Hebrew


I have a woman that loves me,

She’s mine only.

She knows me from my beginning,

From hers.

She has no choice but to be smart,

My mom

And this song I sing for her...

Mom, mom,

You nursed me,

You pampered me,

You brought me,


How many days I spent with her,

My mom.
How many tears I cried with her,

Mine, hers

How many things I discovered with her,

My mom

How many hopes I made dependent on her...

Mom, mom...

You were always with me

Even when I was alone.

I’ll always be with you,

My mom.

There are times when I’m in trouble,

My mom.

You read it between the lines,

Mine and yours

Why do you worry and lose sleep,

My mom.

How is it that a mother doesn’t trust her son?!

Mom, mom...