how do say “a cover” in Hebrew?

מִכְסֶה, כִּסּוּי

No, this is not about a cover song – that’s קאוור (also called by the rare academician, גרסת כיסוי ). This post is about the cover of a pot or a car – otherwise known as a lid or a hood. The word for these is מכסה .

For example:

צריך להרים את מכסה המנוע.

(You) need to lift the hood of the car (literally of the engine).

The more generic, more abstract term for cover or covering is כיסוי .

For example:

היא תמיד הולכת עם כיסוי ראש.

She always goes with a head covering.


יש לו סיפור כיסוי מאוד משכנע.

He has a very convincing cover story.

The root of all of the above words introduced (with the exception of קאוור) is כ.ס.ה , which makes its verb appearance in the passive-intensive פיעל verb לכסות – to cover.

As for the cover or cap of a bottle, that’s a פקק .

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