how to say “engine” in Hebrew


Though in English an engine and engineering come from the same root, in Hebrew this is not the case. While the profession of egineering is הנדסה and an engineer is a מהנדס (a male) or מהנדסת (a female), an engine or a motor is a מנוע. While the הנדסה probably derives from Persian, מנוע derives from the authentic Hebrew root נ.ו.ע meaning moving: an engine gets something to move.

The word in context:

התחמם לי המנוע באמצע פקק.

My engine overheated on me in the middle of a traffic jam.

פקק means traffic jam, or literally, a clogging. The word for traffic, which moves, at least in theory, is תנועה – also from the root נ.ו.ע.

Combining מנוע with אופניים – a bicycleאופנוע is a motorcyle.

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