how do you say “invention” in Hebrew?


When I was growing up, some kids wanted to be firemen, others wanted to be sports stars. Most of the time, I wanted to be a movie director. But after watching episodes of Mr. Wizard, sometimes I also wanted to be an inventor.

An invention, in Hebrew, is a ממציא if he’s a male and a ממציאה if she’s a female. An invention is a המצאה .

For example:

אני תמיד אוהב לשמוע על המצאות מדעיות.

I (a male) always love hearing about scientific inventions.

המצאה derives from the active-causative verb להמציא – to invent. להמציא also means to make up or to fabricate, as in:

את סתם ממציאה סיפורים.

You (a female) are just making up stories.

The root of all these words is מ.צ.א meaning find: an invention is sort of a finding, well, at least if it’s not fabricated.

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