how do you say “multitasking” in Hebrew?

רִבּוּי מְשִׂימוֹת

The Hebrew word for task is משימה . It derives from the root ש.י.מ meaning to place or to put: a task is something a person might apply or put themselves to.

For example:

זאת משימה לא פשוטה.

This is not a simple task.

Multitasking is ריבוי משימות , where ריבוי means multiple, deriving from the root ר.ו.ב meaning great or many – the same root as in הרבה – many.

For example:

קשה לעמוד בריבוי משימות.

It’s hard to (withstand) multitasking.

Another way to say to multitask is לעשות כמה דברים במקביל – to do several things at the same time.

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