how to say “round trip” in Hebrew

הָלוֹך וָשׁוֹב, הָלוֹך חָזוֹר

When you get on the bus in Israel and want to ask for a round-trip ticket, you should say:

כרטיס הלוך ושוב, בבקשה.

A round-trip ticket, please.

“בבקשה” is optional.

הלוך means going, and ושוב means and returning.

But you could also use a less formal term, and the driver will understand you just fine: הלוך חזור . This term also means going-returning, where חזור is the more basic word, more like coming back.

For example:

אני שוחה שלושים בריכות הלוך חזור.

I (a male) swim thirty pools (laps, lengths) back and forth.

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