how to say “bookbinding” in Hebrew…

how to say “bookbinding” in Hebrew…


In Egypt and Iran, the masses are demonstrating against Israel. At least one person in Tehran (the president), is vowing that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be the first step towards making the entire “Palestine” a Muslim state. As for the Jews inhabiting their native land… well, Ahmadinejad’s purported solution is well known.

In Israel in the meantime, there are also demonstrations – as well as rockets falling on our southern towns fired by the peace-loving inhabitants of Gaza. But life certainly goes on. I just sent PDF files to the printer I work with in Tel Aviv, to print spiral-bound booklets for the Levels 1 and 2 classes starting on Sunday in Tel Aviv and Raanana (Level 3-ers, your booklets are coming soon).

Bookbinding, in Hebrew, is כְּרִיכָה (keh-ree-KHAH). The word is used to refer to act of binding a book, as well as the binding itself. To bind is לִכְרוֹך (leekh-ROHKH), an active-simple פעל (pah-AHL) verb.

Like another word I introduced this week, כריכה actually comes from ancient Aramaic. The root – כ.ר.כ (k.r.k) – appears once in the Hebrew Bible, in the book of Esther (the story of Mordecai, Esther, a king, and another despot in Persia who vowed to destroy the Jewish people… and failed) in the word תַּכְרִיך (tahkh-REEKH), meaning a robe. The root כ.ר.כ means enwraping or surrounding; in the case of a book binding, כ.ר.כ is what wraps the book together.

The root appears in later Mishnaic Hebrew in the form of כְּרַך (keh-RAHKH), meaning city. It appears in Modern Hebrew in another word related to binding, כֶּרֶך (KEH-rehkh), a book volume.

That’s enough work for me for the week. Time for some basketball… and then for the most special day, שַׁבָּת Sabbath (shah-BAHT).

To help you get in the mood, here’s a great song whose Aramaic words written by the great Kabbalist, the Ari, are sung today by Nadav Bachar and countless others around the שבת table, the Jewish emblem of eternity.

שבת שלום, וסוף שבוע נעים לכולם!
Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace), and a pleasant weekend to all!

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