how to say “mysterious” in Hebrew

how to say “mysterious” in Hebrew

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Yesterday, we saw the Hebrew root ס.ת.ר (s.t.r) in action, in the word for to concealלְהַסְתִּיר. We saw that the Talmud connects the root ס.ת.ר with the name of the biblical heroine of the Purim story, אֶסְתֵּר – Esther.

Another application of ס.ת.ר is in the expression for hideout or place or refuge – מִסְתּוֹר.

מסתור also conveniently serves as the basis for the Hebrew word for mysteriousמִסְתּוֹרִי in the masculine and מִסְתּוֹרִית in the feminine.

For example:

הֵם נִכְנְסוּ לְיַעַר מִסְתּוֹרִי.

They entered a mysterious forest.

As for a mystery, the word is מִסְתּוֹרִין, or its synonym, תַּעֲלוּמָה.

Note that the root ס.ת.ר also bears the meaning contradiction. The word itself for contradiction is סְתִירָה.

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  • Convenient that it can be compared to that shoresh, but surely this Hebrew word was based on the English.

    Muzzle3344 Reply
    • מִסְתּוֹר – place of refuge – is proper Biblical Hebrew. Tacking on the י to create the adjective is a Modern adaptation, hitching on the English.

      Ami Steinberger Reply

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