how to say “to schlep” in Hebrew… (not Yiddish)

how to say “to schlep” in Hebrew… (not Yiddish)

English doesn’t really have a native word for this action, schlepping.

Luckily, Hebrew has its own authentic word: לִסְחוֹב (lees-KHOHV). For example, לֹא בָּא לִי לִסְחוֹב אֶת כָּל הַמִּצְרָכִים מֵהַסּוּפֵּר (loh bah lee lees-KHOHV et kohl hah-meets-rah-KHEEM me-hah-SOO-pehr) – I don’t feel like schlepping all the goods from the supermarket.

This word falls into the simple (קל – KAHL) verb pattern. You can learn how to use this pattern here.

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