July 31, 2022

how to say “for all intents and purposes” in Hebrew

לְכָל דָּבָר וְעִנְיָין Growing up I would hear teachers in school use the expression “for all intensive purposes.” I knew what it meant but didn’t think about the words themselves. Only when I saw the expression in a book did the penny drop – it’s “for all intents and purposes.” Now it started making more sense. In Hebrew, we say לכל דבר ועניין – literally, for every thing and matter.

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daily video – how to say “for all intents and purposes” in Hebrew

To slow down the audio or to turn on captions (CC), start playing the video and then click the settings icon ⚙️. LEARNING TIPS Hebrew beginners Watch with English captions a few times, then with Hebrew captions, then without captions, and see what you understand. Intermediate learners Watch without captions, pausing to write down what you hear (even if it sounds like gibberish). Then watch with Hebrew captions to correct

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