a great Hebrew word for “school”, “activities”, etc.


Here’s a Hebrew word with a meaning that has no real equal in English: מסגרת .

On a literal level, מסגרת means frame, as in:

המסגרת הזאת לא מתאימה לתמונה.

This frame doesn’t fit the picture.

On a metaphorical level, מסגרת can mean framework or context, as in:

מטיילים הרבה במסגרת התוכנית.

(You) travel a lot in the context of the program.

But מסגרת can also refer to a framework where children spend their structured time, such as school or day camp.

Here’s a sentence you’re likely to hear a mother say on any given morning in Israel:

קודם כל אני צריכה לשים את הילדים במסגרות.

First of all I need to put all the kids in their schools/camps/activities (frameworks).

מסגרת can also refer to a credit line.

The word’s root is ס.ג.ר meaning closed: a frame is enclosed.

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