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Ami Steinberger

Founder and CEO

Ami came from a Hebrew-speaking Los Angeles upbringing to live in Israel, where he found many, many immigrants from English-speaking countries who, after having lived there for years, were frustrated that they could not communicate effectively in Hebrew.

Then in 2008, he decided to draw upon his hobby of learning foreign languages to create a program that would serve the needs of the English-speaking population wishing to learn to speak Hebrew.

Ami also publishes the blog Your Daily Dose of Hebrew to help English speakers build their Hebrew vocabulary, one dose at a time.

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Ora Derovan

Director of Operations and Development

Ora made aliyah by herself at the age of 15. Picking up Hebrew was a struggle for this young idealist, but within a year she was earning respectable grades in her Israeli high school classes. Today she holds a Masters degree in Jewish studies, which she has been teaching for the last 15 years.

Ora lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four children.

Ora also loves languages and talking with people… and she’s waiting to have a conversation with you about how Ulpan La-Inyan can help you speak Hebrew with confidence.


Ariela Nisenholz

Tel Aviv Branch Director and Teacher

Ariela grew up in Israel, but lived for two years in the United States as a teenager. She returned in 2015 with her with her husband and five children from a long stay in Switzerland, where she served as director and teacher at the Jewish Day School in Basel. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in education, Ariela is very interested in helping anyone who wants to learn to speak Hebrew with confidence.