Ulpan La-Inyan provides a comprehensive Hebrew-learning experience focusing on the skills needed for conversation. To that end, we employ these time-tested language-learning principles:

  • Core Spoken Vocabulary – Students learn to speak words and phrases essential for conversation.
  • Anticipation – Throughout the lessons, students are asked to actively recall what they’ve learned, speaking their new words and phrases out loud.
  • Graduated Interval Recall – Students are prompted to recall their new language bits at carefully-planned intervals designed to maximize long-term memory storage.
  • Organic Learning – All of this takes place in the context of a programmed dialogue between Hebrew speakers, where the students play the roles of the speakers.

Beyond our formal speaking-listening lessons, we conduct free-style role plays and spontaneous dialogues and discussions, employ graphics to illustrate new vocabulary and provide grammatical instruction when needed. But the focus is always conversation.