I LOVE THIS COURSE!!! I am so pleased with the concept, with the length of each session, with the love of the subject and the students that the instructors display, with the size of the classes… I could go on. But then I wouldn’t get my homework done.

Ruti Mizrachi, Gush Etzion

author of the popular blog about living in Israel, Ki Yachol Nuchal

I’m really enjoying my lessons and I am feel a little more confident. Avi is brilliant, Making each lesson interesting and explains everything clearly. Your way of teaching is just what my brain needs.

Leonie Cummin, United Kingdom

Even thought it’s an hour, it’s an intense hour. I’ve learned tools that I couldn’t learn anywhere else.

Shimon Knopf, Jerusalem

The course is very well thought out, appealing to all types of learning. Thank you!

Jodie Cohen, Raanana

The benefit of this course is that it gets you speaking Hebrew…

David Lee

Because it focuses on practical conversation skills, the course accommodates people who have no reading facility as well as those who can zip through a Siddur. We are all learning to speak together.

Thanks to this unique Ulpan, within a few weeks after my aliyah, I was able to communicate in stores, on buses, at the doctor, at shul, and with my neighbors.

I thought an hour a day was a tiny time to make giant progress. The intensity of concentration required in the hour propels me to want to practice the new words and phrases during the rest of the day. Practice works better for me than studying or memorizing!

Jo Anne Adlerstein, JD, Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

I love this Ulpan. Besides being fun, it is an easy way to learn Hebrew, increase vocabulary, get confidence to speak, improve pronunciation, get used to reading without nekudot (vowels)… it is a method that sticks with me. I love that it is only one hour and that I can learn so much in such a short time. Anyone who cannot sit though the traditional long hours of ulpan, and/or cannot learn in an environment of perhaps 30 students, should consider Ulpan La-Inyan. I think it should be taught in Hebrew Day Schools in Chutz L’Aretz (abroad) as well. My kids could have benefited from this method.

Marci Rapp of Marsea Modest Swimwear

I like that Ulpan La-Inyan has a small class size with a friendly atmosphere. This allows the teacher to help each student with their pronunciation during the audio portion of the class. Each class session we build our vocabulary to form sentences that we can use on a daily basis. The reading portion is an excellent way to review each of the days’ lessons, as well as learn to read with and without vowels.

This course has given me the self confidence to put myself into situations where I can practice what I learn.

Ami has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping his students learn and speak Hebrew. I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Hebrew.

Robin Guyer

I have found Ulpan La-Inyan to be a far better method of learning than any other method I have tried. And I have attempted four Ulpans and some short term private lessons. In the Ulpans I have taken in the past, I was flooded with information and overwhelmed in the three-four hours I had to sit while I was in complete confusion and frustration. Eventually, I quit each one. The Ulpan La-Inyan method of only one hour daily, listening and repeating words, sentences and phrases that are useful in daily life, receiving the daily lessons on the internet after class, to be able to practice and have repetition at home, and the simple homework practice of speaking on the outside, has been very effective. The teacher, Ami, is very patient and supportive of all the students, no matter what your pace is.

Shirel Levine

Before La-Inyan’s Level 4 Hebrew classes, I used to be lost during political conversations in Hebrew. Now, I not only understand most of the conversation, but I even have the confidence to contribute.

Ariella Barker, JD

I’ve been learning Hebrew for a number of years, but still lacked the confidence to speak. This course helped me unlock my true Hebrew speaking potential.

Dana, Jerusalem

I improved my ability to speak Hebrew freely. In my previous ulpan we spoke one sentence at a time. In Ramah Heh (Level 5), we got the chance to speak to peers for up to half an hour straight. I am now better able to do that with Israelis.

I also improved some grammar mistakes that I kept making, by writing and rewriting essays.

Avi Dzik, Jerusalem