You choose where and when lessons take place.
As for the rest – leave it to us.

Hebrew courses for employees 

Many Israeli companies today employ professionals from all over the world who do not have a mastery of the Hebrew language. While the lingua franca in the high-tech industry is English, we at Ulpan La-Inyan believe that the ability to communicate day-to-day in Hebrew has a direct impact on relationships between coworkers – and on the growth of the organization.

Why us?

We at Ulpan La-Inyan have been teaching Hebrew using a unique method for over a decade. Our courses are tailored to the needs of the workplace and day-to-day life.

Where are the lessons?

At your office or any other place, including online.

When are the lessons?

Whenever works for you.

In-person courses at the workplace
for small groups (4-5 students)

250 ILS per hour*

Courses online for small groups
(4-5 students)

230 ILS per hour

In-person private lessons
190 ILS per hour

Private lessons online
180 ILS per hour

Courses tailored to your company’s needs

*Prices do not include VAT.

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