What is Ulpan La-Inyan?

Our conversation-focused program features small group classes, excellent teachers, and a methodology optimized to get people speaking Hebrew with confidence from Day One. Our interactive online materials enable students to review what they’ve learned on their own time.

How group courses work

  • Take a placement test to find out which level is right for you. Six levels are available, each including 30 hours of instruction.
  • A coordinator will contact you with course schedules in your city, based on your level.
  • We offer group courses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Raanana, Beit Shemesh, Beer Sheva, Modiin, Zichron Yaakov, Ma’ale Adumim, Haifa and Givat Shmuel.
  • The price for a course ranges from 1430 shekels to 1925 shekels, depending on group size.

Why Ulpan La-Inyan?

  • Our method focuses on practical, day-to-day conversation and builds confidence. You will feel your Hebrew improving after every lesson.
  • Affordable prices and flexibility
  • Great teachers

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