how do you say “between” in Hebrew?


Prepositions don’t translate well between languages. For example, ב typically means in in English, but it can also mean with:

היא כותבת בעיפרון.

She writes with a pencil.

One preposition that does translate fairly smoothly is בין – between.

For example:

העץ עומד בין שני הבניינים.

The tree stands between the two buildings.


בין באר שבע לאילת יש 230 קילומטרים של מדבר.

Between Beer Sheva and Eilat there are 230 kilometers of desert.

Between this and that in Hebrew is usually בין זה לזה , though sometimes it’s בין זה וזה , with subtle differences between the two usages that not even the Academy of the Hebrew Language seems clear on.

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