How do you say “enlightened” in Hebrew?

A couple of years ago I worked with a man named נָאוֹר (nah-OHR), who runs a non-profit organization in Tel Aviv. I thought about it, looked it up to confirm, and discovered that his name indeed means enlightened. The female version of the word/name is נְאוֹרָה (ne-oh-RAH). 
The word/name is actually a derivative of the נִפְעָל (neef-AHL) verb form. If you don’t know what I mean by that, don’t worry.
Why do I share this? Because tonight I went to the Jerusalem Light Festival – so I thought of featuring a word that is a derivative of אוֹר (ohr) – light.

Here’s a picture from last year’s Festival:
אורות בפסטיבל

After having studied literature and linguistics on the bachelors level and psychology on the masters, Ami decided to draw upon his hobby of learning languages, his understanding of human thought processes and his skill of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, to found a program that enables people to speak Hebrew with confidence.

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  • I would love a segment on when is the appropriate time to use similar but different words. For instance, when does one use סוג, and when does one use מין? I don’t mind being corrected; but I’d like to be able to argue once in a while. 😉

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