The other day I introduced the word מְתֻחְכָּם (me-tookh-KAHM) – sophisticated and mistakenly wrote that it comes from the verb form, פיעל (pee-EHL). The truth is, it’s from פועל (hoof-AHL). So if you want to learn how to use פועל, check this page out.
Today’s word also comes from פועל (poo-AHL), the passive counterpart to פיעל (pee-EHL).

But enough about grammar.

Suppose you’re with a friend at the British Museum, and your friend doesn’t know how to read the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone. You might say about yourself, I can! or I’m capable! 
Here’s how to say it in Hebrew, if you’re a male: אֲנִי מְסֻגָּל (ah-NEE me-soo-GAHL)… and if you’re a female: אֲנִי מְסֻגֶּלֶת (ah-NEE me-soo-GHEH-let).


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