how to say “created” in Hebrew

נוֹצָר, נִבְרָא

Hebrew has two words for to createליצור and לברוא .

While לברוא is more about creating something from nothingיש מאין , its synonym ליצור is more about bringing something into form.

Something created? That’s נברא or נוצר , though נוצר also means formed.

For example:

הסיפור הזה לא היה ולא נברא.

This story neither was nor was ever created (never took place).


הוא אמר ככה והיא אמרה ככה, וכך נוצרה הבעיה.

He said this and she said that, and thus the problem was formed.

נוצר is a form of the נפעל verb להיווצר . Both are related to the word צורה – form or shape.

נברא is a form of the נפעל verb להיברא . Both are related to בריא – healthy, which once referred to someone well fed, whose physical presence is felt because it takes up space.

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