*** Correction – Yesterday I wrote that מְתֻחְכָּם (me-tookh-KAHM) – sophisticated – is a הופעל (hoof-AHL) verb. That was an error – it’s a פועל (poo-AHL) verb. *** 
Today’s word…
If you can count to ten in Hebrew, you know the word עֶשֶׂר (EH-sehr) – ten. If you’re grammar-savvy in Hebrew, you know עֲשָׂרָה (ah-sah-RAH) as well – also ten, but referring to ten things that are grammatically masculine, such as עֲשָׂרָה גְּמָלִים (ah-sah-RAH ghe-mah-LEEM) – ten camels.
The word for decade is עָשׂוֹר. For example, This is the word of the decade – זֹאת מִלַּת הֶעָשוֹר (zoht mee-LAHT heh-ah-SOHR).
But we’ve got one more day before the new עשור… so stay tuned for another word tomorrow.


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