If you’ve shopped in Israel or have taken our Level 1 class, you certainly know the word for inexpensive – זוֹל (transliterations here).
To say that a price has been reduced, or made more inexpensive, you’d say, הַמְּחִיר הוּזָל. You can also say, הַמְּחִיר הֻפְחַת – the price has been lessened, where הופחת is related to the word for less, פָּחוֹת. 
Both הוזל and הופחת are past-tense usages – that the price has been reduced. And both words are in the הופעל verb form, which you can learn how to use here.
To say that a price is lower or is less expensive, you’d call the price מוזל or מופחת. These are the present-tense conjugations of the הופעל, but they’re also adjectives. 
For example…
Ulpan La-Inyan courses בִּמְחִיר מוּזָל
Yesterday was the last day to sign up for our courses at the pre-deadline prices.


This Wednesday, however, I’m giving away admission to our courses במחיר מוזל – at a discounted price
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See you then…