Following yesterday’s entry on heroes – גִּבּוֹרִים (ghee-boh-REEM), today I’ll refer to the bulk of those who displayed גְּבוּרָה (ge-voo-RAH- heroism) by name.
A firefighter is usually referred to as a כַּבַּאי (kah-BAH-ee), though a woman in כַּבָּאוּת (kah-bah-OOT), fire fighting, is referred to as a כַּבַּאִית (kah-bah-EET). כבאית is also the name for a fire engine.

The root is כ.ב.ה (k.b.h), which means extinguishing.
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On my show on Wednesday I’m doing a חנוכה special – that is, I’m going to play and explain some of the songs Israeli kids grow up on, shaping their unique Jewish-Israeli identity.
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