how to say “permanently” in Hebrew


Here’s a nice Biblical-Hebrew word that graces the lips of Modern Hebrew speakers from Safed to Eilat: לצמיתות – permanently.

A biblical appearance:

וְהָאָרֶץ לֹא תִמָּכֵר לִצְמִתֻת (ויקרא כ”ה, כ”ג)

And the land shall not be sold permanently (Leviticus 25:23)

And here it is in a modern context:

חברת פייסבוק הגיעה למסקנה שיש לסגור לו את החשבון לצמיתות.

The company Facebook arrived at the conclusion that they must close his account permanently.

The word’s root is צ.מ.ת , which means an end in Biblical Hebrew. It is most likely not related to the word צומת – intersection.

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