how to say “private tutor” in Hebrew

מוֹרֶה פְּרָטִי

If you’ve been to a Hebrew class before, you probably know the word for teacherמורֶה if he’s a male and מורָה if she’s a female.

Kids use המורָה and המורֶה – literally, the teacher – to refer to their teacher, just like English speaking kids refer to Ms. X or Mr. Y.

For example:

המורה, אני צריך שירותים.

Mr. Y, I (a male) need the restroom.

Private, in Hebrew, is פרטי . Thus a private teacher or a private tutor is מורה פרטי .

For example:

מורה פרטי יגיע אליכם עד הבית!

A private tutor will come (to you) to your doorstep!

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