how to say “sleeping bag” in Hebrew

שַׂק שֵׁנָה, שק”ש

The full expression for sleeping bag in Hebrew is a literal translation from English: שק שינה .

For example, you might see in a storefront:

כאן מוכרים שקי שינה.

Here (we) sell sleeping bags.

But most Israelis are likely to use the abbreviated version probably coined by busy soldiers: שק”ש .

For example:

מה צריך כשמטיילים מעבר לשק”ש ושלוקר?

What do you need when traveling beyond a sleeping bag and a Camelbak?

The abbreviation can also take on a plural ending, so that the sign in storefront above might read:

כאן מוכרים שק”שים.

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