how to say “slipped my memory” in Hebrew

בָּרַח לִי מֵהָרֹאשׁ

The simple way of saying I forgot in Hebrew is שכחתי , from the verb לשכוח .

But if you want to get a little more colorful and say it slipped my mind, use ברח לי מהראש – literally, escaped for me from the head.

For example:

התכוונתי להגיע לטקס אבל ברח לי מהראש.

I meant to come to the ceremony but it slipped my mind.

You might also hear ברח לי מהזיכרון it escaped my memory, and its close-sounding alternative פרח לי מהיזכרון – where פרח means it flew away – but these are not so widely used anymore.

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