how to say “takeoff” in Hebrew


The Hebrew word for takeoff is המראה , as in:

שעת ההמראה היא תשע בבוקר.

Takeoff time is nine AM.

המראה comes from the הפעיל verb להמריא of the root מ.ר.א , a word that appears only once in Biblical Hebrew, and that in the linguistically-obscure (and otherwise enigmatic) Book of Job. But that doesn’t matter, since in Job’s time there were no airplanes: today we’ve given that word a meaning understood by all.

Here’s להמריא in action:

אנחנו יושבים כבר שעתיים בתוך המטוס בלי לזוז – מתי כבר נמריא?

We’ve been sitting here inside the plane for two hours already – when will we take off already?

After having studied literature and linguistics on the bachelors level and psychology on the masters, Ami decided to draw upon his hobby of learning languages, his understanding of human thought processes and his skill of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, to found a program that enables people to speak Hebrew with confidence.

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