how to say “the wine industry” in Hebrew

תַּעֲשִׂיַּת הַיַּיִן

Such a beloved item among people, it’s no surprise that the word for wine is similar in many languages. In Hebrew, it’s יין .

Here’s a Biblical example:

ויין ישמח לבב אנוש. (תהלים ק”ד, ט”ו)

And wine gladdens the human heart. (Psalms 104:15)

The word for industry is תעשייה , deriving from the root ע.ש.ה meaning doing.

When תעשייה and יין are connected in an of relationship (construct state or סמיכות ), the ה at the end of תעשייה becomes a ת , and the phrase is תעשיית יין – wine industry or an industry of wine.

For example:

תעשיית היין בישראל פורחת.

The wine industry in Israel is blooming.

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