how to say “to come to a conclusion” in Hebrew

לְהַגִּיעַ לְמַסְקָנָה

To come to a conclusion, in Hebrew, is להגיע למסקנה – literally, to arrive at a conclusion, where מסקנה means conclusion.

But whereas in English this expression sounds a bit stiff and formal, as in:

אחרי חישובים מדויקים הגענו למסקנה חד-משמעית.

After precise calculations we arrived at an unambiguous conclusion.

…in Hebrew the expression can be heard in everyday speech, like the English to realize.

For example:

הגעתי למסקנה שאנחנו לא מתאימים.

I realized (came to the conclusion) that we’re not right or each other.

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