how to say “to convince” in Hebrew


To succumb or to surrender, in Hebrew, is the נפעל verb להיכנע .

For example:

אנחנו לא ניכנע!

We will not surrender!

להיכנע appears in Biblical Hebrew, where it means to humble oneself, which is what one does when surrendering. The word’s root is כ.נ.ע .

But since the causative הפעיל usage of this root was already taken with the Biblical להכניע – to subdue, Modern Hebrew had to come up with a new word, to convince or to subdue with words – לשכנע .

For example:

הוא לא ישכנע אותי בקלות.

He won’t convince me easily.

לשכנע adds a ש to the original root of כ.נ.ע, creating what I like to call a superroot: ש.כ.נ.ע. Other examples of words with superroots using ש in the beginning include לשדרג – to upgrade and לשכפל – to photocopy. These words follow the פיעל verb form.

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