how to say “to go south” in Hebrew


The Hebrew word for south is דרום . Its ah vowel in the beginning gets shortened to a short eh or cut off entirely when דרום appears in an of relationship (construct state or סמיכות ), as in:

הנגב נמצא בדרום הארץ.

The Negev is in the south of Israel.

To go south is להדרים .

For example:

הוא עבד ביקב בצפון, אבל אז החליט להדרים לירושלים.

He worked at a winery in the north, but then he decided to go south to Jerusalem.

and the Talmudic statement:

הרוצה להחכים ידרים. (בבא בתרא כ”ה, ב’)

He who wishes to become wise should go south. (Baba Batra 25B)

The sages were referring to approaching the מנורה – the candelabra, which stood in the southern part of the Holy Temple, but perhaps also to spending time with the sages of the southern part of Israel.

להדרים does not have the English-slang connotation of to become a bad deal.

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