how to say “to meet” in Hebrew

לִפְגּוֹשׁ, לְהִפָּגֵשׁ

Hebrew has two words for to meet: לפגוש and להיפגש .

While לפגוש is to meet someone or something, להיפגש is to meet with someone. לפגוש take a form of את after it, while להיפגש would take a form of עם . And לפגוש is often more abrupt, often given to chance, whereas להיפגש is softer and planned.

Compare these two examples:

פגשתי אותה ברכבת.

I met her on the train.


טוב, אז ניפגש בתשע!

Okay, so let’s meet at nine!


נפגשתי עם הדייר החדש.

I meet with the new tenant.

לפגוש is a simple פעל verb, while להיפגש is a נפעל.

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