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For those celebrating Purim outside of Jerusalem, this word is relevant. For those where I’m at… well, we’re not quite ready for it.

To become sober is the reflexive-intensive התפעל verbלְהִתְפַּכֵּח (leh-heet-pah-KEH-ahkh). Its root, פ.כ.ח (p.k.kh), from Aramaic, is nearly identical to the Hebrew root meaning able to see – פ.ק.ח (p.k.kh). The difference is the כ is a normal-sounding k, while ק was, in Biblical times, a k of a more pronounced quality.

That’s it for me until Sunday… perhaps then אֲנִי כְּבָר אֶתְפַּכֵּח (ah-NEE keh-VAHR et-pah-KEH-ahkh) – I’ll already be sobered up.

שבת שלום, סוף שבוע נעים לכולם, ושושן פורים שמח!
Shabbat Shalom, a pleasant weekend to all, and happy Shushan Purim!



  • Instead of ADLOYADA For women it’s ADLOYADAAT! Women should always be in control.

    Devorah Hammer Reply
    • Actually, it would be עדלאידעה – adeloyad’ah. Past tense.

      Ami Steinberger Reply

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