how to say “vineyard” in Hebrew


Here’s another beautiful Hebrew name: כרם . But departing from the trend, this one’s for girls (at least usually).

Grammatically, though,  כרם (meaning vineyard) – is masculine. That’s why the following sentence uses היה (a masculine conjugation) and not הייתה (a feminine conjugation) for was:

לשלמה היה כרם בו הוא גידל כמה סוגי גפנים.

Shlomo had (for Shlomo there was) a vineyard in which he grew several kinds of grapevines.

(This Modern-Hebrew sentence is based on the Biblical verse in Song of Songs 8:11.)

Gender confusion in Hebrew names is not limited to כרם alone: the name אריאל , typically for males, is actually feminine in gender. Go figure.

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