how to say “well known” in Hebrew

יָדוּעַ, מֻכָּר

Hebrew has two words for to know. לדעת , at least in Modern Hebrew, is to know information, such as history or a language, while להכיר is to know someone or be familiar with something – in Biblical Hebrew, to recognize.

However, someone who is known can be either ידוע if he’s a male, ידועה if she’s a female, as in:

היא זמרת ידועה.

She’s a well-known singer.

…or, the person can be מוכר or מוכרת , as in:

הוא לא שחקן מוכר במיוחד.

He’s not an especially well-known (recognizable) actor.

While לדעת is generally reserved for knowing things, not people, its related word ידוע can be used for people as well.

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