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Is this course at my level?

Watch the mini lesson. If you find it challenging but doable, then our Level 5 course is for you. If this was too easy, try Level 6. If it was too hard, try Level 4.

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Course Description

The Mizrahis have just moved from Jerusalem to Raanana. Join them in this transition period as Ari joins the swim team at his new school, Yonit dates an officer in the military, and Leora supports her husband Danny as he reinvents his career.

This course focuses on conversational and written Hebrew at a business level, so that students can expect, at the end of the course, to be able to:

  • speak with coworkers in an Israeli company
  • participate in business meetings
  • engage in parent-teacher conferences at school
  • write business emails
  • discuss Israeli politics
  • read newspapers
  • understand much of what is said on the Israeli radio

…in Hebrew, with growing confidence.

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