So it’s been two weeks in Ulpan and I am happy to say that I haven’t seen any drastic changes. Yes, I am happy, because I know that any long and lasting change takes time and effort and if I was somehow fluent after these 2 short weeks it wouldn’t be real deeply-rooted change.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a lot. I have been trying to find ways to use my new words in any and every situation. I also have found that I am really pushing myself to speak Hebrew in everyday life and not automatically asking if someone speaks English. But it hasn’t been easy.

Learning a new language is challenging. In life I have always shied away from things I wasn’t good at. I’m not a great swimmer, so I don’t like going to the beach. I’m not good at soccer, so I don’t even enjoy watching it. But with Hebrew, instead of shying away from it, I want to face this challenge and overcome it!

I can’t wait for the day when I can go into any Hebrew situation without having to rehearse what I am going to say over and over. Though I am realistic and know that that won’t happen overnight, with Ulpan La-Inyan, I am on the right track.