My Level 6 Course – Week 2

So it’s been two weeks in Ulpan and I am happy to say that I haven’t seen any drastic changes. Yes, I am happy, because I know that any long and lasting change takes time and effort and if I was somehow fluent after these 2 short weeks it wouldn’t be real deeply-rooted change.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a lot. I have been trying to find ways to use my new words in any and every situation. I also have found that I am really pushing myself to speak Hebrew in everyday life and not automatically asking if someone speaks English. But it hasn’t been easy.

Learning a new language is challenging. In life I have always shied away from things I wasn’t good at. I’m not a great swimmer, so I don’t like going to the beach. I’m not good at soccer, so I don’t even enjoy watching it. But with Hebrew, instead of shying away from it, I want to face this challenge and overcome it!

I can’t wait for the day when I can go into any Hebrew situation without having to rehearse what I am going to say over and over. Though I am realistic and know that that won’t happen overnight, with Ulpan La-Inyan, I am on the right track.

Rena made Aliyah from New York after spending a gap year in Israel and doing Sherut Leumi (national service). She studied Social Sciences at Bar Ilan University first in Hebrew and then in English, because of her limited Hebrew skills. Now, working in Ulpan La-Inyan, Rena is also taking Ulpan classes to better her Hebrew and be better equipped to help you in your journey to speaking Hebrew with confidence. Rena now lives in the Old City of Jerusalem with her husband and is very excited to be a part of the amazing Ulpan La-Inyan team!

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