Learn Hebrew online from anywhere in the world! Ulpan La-Inyan developed the quickest and most effective method that works with your busy schedule.

All Hebrew lessons are live one-on-one video calls with a friendly and experienced teacher.

Our methodology is combined with a fun blend of course materials that has been proven to prepare our students for communication with confidence.

Why Learn Hebrew Online?

Improving Hebrew skills before your arrive in Israel makes a huge difference towards integration with the Israeli community.

Especially if you are planning to make Aliyah, taking Ulpan classes prior to your arrival in Israel has many benefits. Mastering basic Hebrew skills empowers the Oleh Hadash to enter Israeli society and the workforce with ease.

You can strengthen your Hebrew skills in a classroom setting when you arrive in Israel, but it’s highly recommended to prepare ahead of time.

If there are no Hebrew learning opportunities in your area, the customized e-learning setting is a great opportunity to gain proficiency in Hebrew prior to the Aliyah date.

Learn Hebrew Online – How It Works

Whether you have moderate or beginner’s Herbrew skills, our effective learning program provides a great opportunity to combine Hebrew education with your schedule and your personal language needs.

Learning Hebrew online is similar to a classroom setting, just over the internet: you get a tailored schedule for your needs with one-on-one video lessons. 

To get started, let’s find a course package that suits your needs and language skills:

  1. To help us understand your Hebrew level, please start by taking the placement test (below.) There are seven online Hebrew learning levels available at Ulpan La-Inyan. Each level features 30 hours of instructions. 
  2. Sign up for your first lesson to try our friendly and quick method without commitment. That way you’ll get to know one of our excellent teachers that will help you meet your personal Hebrew goals. 
  3. After an evaluation of your Hebrew level and introduction to one of our teachers, you’ll choose the most effective course package for you (see pricing chart).

Hebrew Lessons Pricing

  • 1 hour Hebrew starting lesson – $52*/ ₪180
  • 10 hours Hebrew mini course – $520*/ ₪1800
  • 15 hours half-course – $760*/₪2,620 save ₪ 80!
  • 30 hours full Hebrew course – $1,515*/ ₪5,220 save ₪ 180!

*Payment is taken shekels. Exchange rate will vary.

Why Learn Hebrew with Ulpan La-Inyan?

Ulpan La-Inyan is a fresh, super-friendly way of teaching Hebrew that combines the fastest methodology in language instruction and enjoyable learning experience. We created a thoughtful and useful Hebrew learning experience that is enjoyable and practical from lesson one.

Here are the reasons to why study Hebrew online:

  • Our method focuses on practical, day-to-day conversation and builds confidence. You will feel your Hebrew improving after every lesson.
  • Our method strengthens social and professional daily conversation skills.
  • Our excellent and patient teachers will help you meet your personal Hebrew goals.
  • We offer affordable prices and flexibility
  • Learning online is faster than in a large group setting.

To learn about our online resources, available instructors and the level of your online class, take our placement test:

Your Daily Dose of Hebrew – Learn Hebrew Online for Free

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