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  1. Take a placement test to find out which level you need. Six levels are available, each including 30 hours of instruction.
  2. Sign up for your first lesson to see that the teacher and method are right for you.
  3. Choose your course package (see pricing chart).


Take a private course online, one-on-one with a live teacher from anywhere in the world based on your schedule. Take your first lesson with no commitment.


We can arrange private lessons at your home or office in all major cities in Israel. Take your first lesson with no commitment.

*In-person lessons will take place once Israel’s Ministry of Health announces such meetings as permissible.*

Why Ulpan La-Inyan?

  • Our method focuses on practical, day-to-day conversation and builds confidence. You will feel your Hebrew improving after every lesson.
  • Our excellent, patient teachers will help you meet your personal Hebrew goals.
  • Affordable prices and flexibility

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Online In-Person
1-hour starting lesson ₪180 ₪220
10-hour mini course ₪1800 ₪2200
15-hour half course ₪2620
save ₪80!
save ₪100!
30-hour full course ₪5220
save ₪180!
save ₪220!


* For a private course of two students, 10% will be added to the price.  For a semi-private course of three students, 20% will be added to the price

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