Some students aren’t able to join our group classes due to distance or a scheduling conflict, while others just prefer one-on-one instruction. Learn Hebrew online, or have a teacher come to you.

How it works

Our tutors will adapt the Ulpan La-Inyan curriculum to meet your specific needs.

Private courses can be taken online using Skype, or at your residence in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or the Beit Shemesh area, as a 10-hour mini course or a 30-hour full course (see pricing below). You may also choose a one-hour trial lesson.

We will match you with a tutor based on the schedule you specify.


1-hour trial lesson₪165₪150
10-hour mini course₪1650₪1500
15-hour half course₪2425
save ₪50!
save ₪50!
30-hour full course₪4800
save ₪150!
save ₪150!


* For a private course of two students, 10% will be added to the price.  For a semi-private course of three students, 20% will be added to the price


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