If you are over 18, are making or have made aliyah in 2017, and you’ve either not yet taken a public ulpan or you’ve already completed one, then you should be eligible for our government-funded courses.

Government-Funded Courses Starting in 2017*

Not sure which is your level? Take our placement test.

Level Dates Days Times Spots Sign up
Beginners Sept. 12- Feb. 18 Sun Tues Thurs 11:00-12:45 4 sign up
Beginners Oct. 15- Feb. 4 Sun Mon Wed Thurs 16:00-17:45 4 sign up
Beginners Plus Oct. 15- Feb. 4 Sun Mon Wed Thurs 9:00-11:00 4 sign up
Intermediate Oct. 17- Mar. 27 Sun Tues Thurs 13:45-15:30 4 sign up
Intermediate Plus Oct. 17- Mar. 27 Sun Tues Thurs 14:00-15:45 4 sign up
Advanced Oct. 16- Mar. 28 Mon Wed 18:00-20:15 4 sign up

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