how to say “Achilles’ heel” in Hebrew

עֲקֵב אָכִילֶס, נְקֻדַּת תֻּרְפָּה

The heel of the mythical Achilles was his weak point, the one place on his body that should his enemies harm it, they could defeat him.

Both English and Hebrew use Achilles’ heel to refer to one’s point of vulnerability, their weak spot. In Hebrew, it’s עקב אכילס .

For example:

האויב מחפש את עקב האכילס.

The enemy is searching for the Achilles’ heel.

And like English, Hebrew has a literal equivalent to point of vulnerability: נקודת תורפה .

For example:

הוא לא רוצה שהיא תגלה לו את נקודת התורפה.

He doesn’t want her to discover his vulnerable point.

תורפה first appears in Mishnaic Hebrew. Its root is unclear: it could be either ר.פ.ה  meaning soft or ת.ר.פ meaning nakedness.

תורפה could also be pronounced with an oh sound: תוׁרפה .

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