how to say “answer” in Hebrew

תְּשׁוּבָה, מַעֲנֶה

If you know the Hebrew word for questionשאלה , you probably also know the word for answerתשובה .

For example:

לא לכל שאלה יש תשובה.

Not every question has an answer.

The root of תשובה is ש.ו.ב meaning return: an answer to a question is a response or a return. But another meaning of תשובה is repentance, which is said to be an act of returning to oneself. In fact, repentance is the original meaning of תשובה.

You may also know another word meaning to answerלענות , a simple verb of the root ע.נ.ה .

For example:

לא ענית לי על השאלה.

You (a male) haven’t answered my question.

Based on לענות and its ע.נ.ה root is another word for response or answerמענה . This word refers not to the logical answer to a question, but rather a response to a contact.

For example:

אין מענה בשלוחה המבוקשת.

There is no answer at the desired extension.


השיחה מועברת למענה הקולי.

The call is being forwarded to voice mail (voice response).

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