how to say “artist” in Hebrew


Looking at the word אמן without vowels, out of context, you might think it’s the Hebrew version of amen. But if אמן appears in a phrase such as הוא אמן – he is an artist, the experienced Hebrew reader would know that it refers here to an artist.

Although there’s no ו after the letter א , the word is still pronounced ohman. When vocalized, it’s אָמָּן, where the first kamatz vowel under the א is a short one, pronounced oh instead of ah.

In context:

איך הוגים את המילה אמן?

How does one pronounce the word אמן?


יש בישראל אמני מוזיקה מעולים.

There are excellent music artists in Israel.

A female artist is an אמנית . Art is אמנות , and a craftsman is an אומן .

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