how to say “baggage scanner” in Hebrew

מְכוֹנַת שִׁקּוּף

Last week we saw the word השתקפות – reflection – of the root ש.ק.פ meaning visibility.

Using the same root, Hebrew calls that machine your bags go through at the airport – the baggage scannerמכונת שיקוף – literally, machine of transparency or reflection.

For example:

בארצות הברית, צריך להכניס גם את הנעליים למכונת השיקוף.

In the United States, (one) has to put their shoes as well into the baggage scanner.

מכונת means machine of, where מכונה alone means machine.

שיקוף is a noun form of the active-intensive פיעל verb לשקף meaning to make transparent or to make clear.

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