how to say “balcony” in Hebrew

מִרְפֶּסֶת, גְּזוּזְטְרָה

The part of a house or apartment that juts out and provides space for leisure furniture is called in Hebrew a מרפסת . This structure can appear on the ground floor, so that in English it would be called a porch or a veranda. It can also spring forth from an above-ground level, in which case it’s a balcony.

For example:

לדירה הזאת יש שלוש מרפסות.

This apartment has three balconies.

מרפסת makes its debut in Mishnaic Hebrew, where we also find the Aramaic word גזוזטרא (in Hebrew, spelled גזוזטרה) referring to a מרפסת with a banister or a railing meant to protect people from falling – a מעקה .

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