how to say “to climb” in Hebrew


One of my Arik Einstein favorites, אוהב להיות בבית  (I Like to Be Home) is a gem of a song for people looking to get a sense of Hebrew’s so-called present tense (I say so-called, because really such “present-tense verbs” in Hebrew are participles).

The song begins:

יש אנשים שמטפסים על הרים…

There are people who climb mountains…

מטפסים is a variety of the active-intensive verb לטפס to climb.

For example:

אני אוהב לטפס על הרים.

I like to climb mountains.

Likewise, the act of climbing is טיפוס , as in טיפוס הרים – mountain climbing.

The homograph טיפוס meaning type is not related to טיפוס meaning climbing.

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