how to say “it’s cold over there” in Hebrew

קָר שָׁם

Though summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere, there are places on earth where it’s pretty cold.

If you’ve got even the most basic Hebrew under your belt, you probably know the word for coldקר .

To say it’s cold there, you might try translating literally from English, coming up with זה קר שם . But Israelis would look at you funny. The word it’s is implied.

Instead, you should say:

קר שם.

(It’s) cold there.

Where I’m located, another truth is:

חם פה.

It’s hot here.

After having studied literature and linguistics on the bachelors level and psychology on the masters, Ami decided to draw upon his hobby of learning languages, his understanding of human thought processes and his skill of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, to found a program that enables people to speak Hebrew with confidence.

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