How to say “disgusting” in Hebrew

גֹּעַל נֶפֶשׁ, מַגְעִיל

This is one of the less pleasant Hebrew expressions but useful nonetheless. This evocative expression, גועל נפש means literally abhorrent to the soul.

Suppose you come back from a long vacation only to find that you left some milk in the fridge. When your unassuming family member grabs for it, you might say:

חלב שפג תקפו זה מסוכן וגועל נפש!

Expired milk (milk whose validity is up) is dangerous and disgusting!

You might also simply use the word מגעיל :

אוף, זה מגעיל!

Ugh, it’s disgusting!

מגעיל comes from the הפעיל verb form.

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